My brain is often seized and overtaken by absurd ideas, but I’d have a hard time staying employed if I allowed these thoughts to be expressed during meetings.  You might be talking about what to put on a flyer, but I’m designing a rocket that launches alligators.  Personally I think more people would attend a conference where they get to see the demo of a device that will fling sharp-toothed reptiles at their enemies, but maybe you’re just not as invested in making this thing a success.

No, my coworkers don’t appreciate that sort of input, and that’s a shame.  Since I’m creatively stifled for much of the day, the absurdity and smartassery must find other outlets.  I can’t hold them back for long.  This is why my daughter has only recently figured out that I don’t actually put spiders in the stir fry, and is only 99.9% sure that I’m not a cannibal who is raising her for food.

It’s also why I have so much fun on a certain popular and free dating site.  I’m a big fan in general, but there are a lot of poor, misguided, souls who utterly lack basic reading comprehension skills.  As I am such a caring, sharing person, I feel it’s my duty to share the amusement with a wider audience.

Alligator + Rocket = Awesome


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