Hot or Not

Is the Hot or Not website still a thing?

Two of my online profile pictures would probably be resoundingly classified as “Not,” were I to post them for rating. I chose them, though, because they showcase my interests and personality. In one of the photos I am covered in mud, having just completed my first Warrior Dash. In another, I am pictured as a zombie tearing gleefully into a chunk of flesh (otherwise known as smoked salmon). But someone seems befuddled by my choice:

Interesting pick for photos. You are obviously an attractive woman. Why did you pick the other photos?

No, these photos are not meant to be alluring, at least not physically. But apparently because I’m a chick, I’m supposed to put up glamour shots to lure in the men. At least according to this guy.

I suppose they tell a sort of story.

I will greet you, all unassuming like. Then I will fight you, on a muddy battleground, and emerge victorious. Finally, I feast.

On brains?

Well, a lady can’t give away *all* her secrets.

Actually, that sounds like a damn fine date to me!

That’s intriguing :) Sort of a romantic 28 days later!

You mean to tell me that 28 Days Later wasn’t supposed to be romantic? Well, huh.

Are you perchance a praying mantis?

I only ask because of the classification of head-chomping as romantic.

Seriously, male mantises must dig the cannibalism thing, otherwise why would they willingly sign up for such a fate?  If this guy is a mantis, I’d ask him and solve that mystery, except he never responded back.  Alas.

Hey Baby. My head's delicious. Whatta you say we go back to your place so you can have a taste?


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