Channeling Cornholio

Late night weirdness seems to run in my family.  A few hours after dinner, something  happens, and the the shenanigans begin.  When I was a teenager, my Mom would burst into my room at roughly 9:30 most nights, strike a dramatic pose, then wander around my room poking things while announcing, “I’m touching your stuff Alli! Alli! I’m touching your stuff!”

It happens to me too, only I have the internet and random strangers on which to inflict my giddy weirdness.

It did start off on an incoherent note.  I just work with what I’m given!

pretty open relationship…sounds like complication…lol!

There was something almost poetic about that message.  I counted out the syllables, and realized why.

So close to being a haiku:

Pretty open re-
lationship…sounds like compli-
cation… El Oh El

Okay so it’s a little awkward.  In my defense, the life of a grad student/single working mom doesn’t involve a lot of sleep, and I was up late doing homework.

You speak Japanese?

I pondered this question for a moment.  I mean, haikus are Japanese in origin, but why would one feel that mentioning them would indicate speaking the language?  I was baffled.

And then the answer came to me, and I giggled like a mad woman.  I giggled until I could see clearly enough to type the message.  I giggled for several minutes afterward.  And then I started talking like Cornholio.  It’s a good thing all of my group work is done over google docs.  Skype would have been disastrous for me last night.

I speak CRAPanese fluently.

I may have the dumbest sense of humor ever, but at least I can send myself into fits.

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