In which I didn’t actually start the weirdness

Apparently I’m not the only one out there sending off paragraphs of absurdity to either amuse or frighten the recipient.  Personally, I hope for the latter, but the former also amuses me, so it’s win-win.

Anyway, I received this message, and due to his penchant for the ridiculous, and supposed involvement in zombie movies, I was immediately willing to overlook the fact that the guy lived a couple hours away.

O’ Galactic Lord! Please deliver us from the Birdman, whom I almost sure really exists because I saw all of those eggs at the grocery that time and that Spanish lady working in produce was so dismissive when I asked her about it.

Well, I just exited a seagull cult. Thought I should say that upfront so there’s no misunderstandings. People ask me how I got sucked in to something like that. All I can say is that they made a really convincing argument.

New ideas? Well, currently I am trying to get one of the local squirrels to run for Prime Minister. I’m sure if you heard his speech on buried nuts, you would most certainly come on board. :)

Of course, I just had to respond.  Also I was babysitting a registration desk outside a seminar and was bored out of my skull.

I will never trust a squirrel. Not after I was badly screwed out of an inflatable refrigerator deal by a charming but devious little fuzzy-tailed trickster who ran off with all of the capital I raised.

Scheming jerks, all of them.

I received a few messages in a row after my response, and I was thoroughly entertained.  However, I had to travel back home from said seminar, and didn’t log in to respond until the evening.

Exactamente!!! Well, that may have been a blessing in disguise. Most of those inflatable refrigerators were recalled because they kept floating away every time someone put Light Butter or any such light diet product inside it. Even turkey sausage could cause this phenomenon.

Oh my, those squirrels. Sublimely clever. I had a similar instance where these two squirrels were posing as otters and sold me season tickets to a water theme park. Now, the only thing I knew about otters is that they have long, slender bodies and an awesome coat of under fur. Anyone would have fallen for that, even though it was obvious squirrels don’t have either of those characteristics.

Are you one of those zombie people? I have (sometimes unwillingly) starred in many low budget horror movies through the years and am now by default undeniably part of the horror film industry. Well, I do go to the horror conventions and such cause my movies are sometimes playing there. It is a wonderfully great alternative part of my life for the last decade or so.

The next message had more about common interests based on what I list in my profile, and the third was very short:

Oh shit, yeah that was a little too much. Well, all nite study, 3 hours sleep + awesomely strong coffee does that. At least its not boring. Well sorry, feel free to write way too much back as payback.

By the time I went to respond that evening, he had deleted his profile!  Tragic, just utterly tragic.  I shall never meet this kindred spirit of the ridiculous.

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